Comparison of National Team Statistics with and Without Evan Dimas

Comparison of National Team Statistics with and Without Evan Dimas

The game of the national team U-22 Indonesia looks undeveloped when losing Evan Dimas in Vietnam counter match on Tuesday (22/08/2017). The game is endless goalless.

In the match versus Vietnam, Indonesia played without Evan Dimas. The attack manager must be absent because he has received two yellow cards.

Without Evan Dimas, Indonesia seems difficult to develop the game. Apart from the slick game of Vietnam, Luis Milla’s troops have trouble developing the game so it always dominated the opponent. then compare the statistics of Indonesia national team matches when there is Evan Dimas vs Thailand and when there is no Evan Dimas vs Vietnam in SEA Games 2017.

Why not enter the game versus the Philippines and Timor Leste? The reason to choose these two games because the opponent has a depth of the squad is relatively equal and balanced with the national team.

The following results if data based on Labbola data:

Indonesia 1-1 Thailand

Ball control: 51% – 49%
Successful feed: 388 – 275

Kick Indonesia:
10 kicks on goal,
2 on target,
6 off target,
1 block
1 goal

Thai kick:
11 kick on goal
3 on target
5 off target
2 blocks
1 goal

Indonesia 0-0 Vietnam

Ball control: 36% – 64%
Successful feeds: 149 – 340

Kick Indonesia:
6 kick on goal
1 on target
3 off target
2 blocks
0 goals

Vietnam kick:
13 kick on goal
5 on target
4 off target
2 blocks
0 goals

From the data is very visible that the presence of Evan Dimas is very important for skuat timnas Indonesia. Without Evan Dimas the quality of Indonesian national team games fell far from the usual performance.

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