Liverpool as the First Big Test for United

Liverpool as the First Big Test for United

Manchester United record unbeaten start in the Premier League this season. However they are considered not really tested by top opponents.

MU is unbeaten in the first seven weeks of the Premier League this season, with six wins and one draw. With that record, ‘Red Devils’ compete with Manchester City at the top of the standings and lose only on goal difference.

Nevertheless the speed squad made by Jose Mourinho is considered not really get a significant challenge. So far the new MU is facing teams like West Ham United, Swansea City, Leicester City, Stoke City, Everton, Southampton, and Crystal Palace.

“If you look at the schedule, I’m not attacking Manchester United here, but the series of matches they have been playing, they play the teams that are on paper they should beat,” said former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler.

“Without meaning to sound disrespectful to them, now you’ll see maybe over the next month or so, with the set schedule they have, what kind of team they really are.They have performed well The football is about confidence and the start has grown confidence , “Fowler told Sky Sports.

In contrast, Fowler believes Liverpool have not really found their best game so far. That’s why their recent rate is poor, just one win in the last four league matches. In the whole event, there’s only one victory in the last seven parties with two defeats in that period.

The victory over United this weekend called Fowler could be a momentum for Liverpool. While defeat, though by no means doomsday for Merseyside children, will make the situation much more complicated.

“Liverpool have not really started yet, they’ve got some good results, some good performances, but the consistency is still unseen,” continued Liverpool’s idol player since the 1990s.

“But it can all change with a win against Manchester United, it’s still very early in the course of the season, it’s a big game, it will not be the end of the world if Liverpool lose, but the situation will be a bit more difficult.”

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