Persib Steal Points from Persipura, Madura United Subdued in Serui

Persib Steal Points from Persipura, Madura United Subdued in Serui

Persipura Jayapura drew 0-0 with his guest, Persib Bandung, on the continuation of League 1 match at Mandala Krida Stadium Jayapura, Monday (08/28/2017).

In this match, the host dominated possession and several times continue to attack Persib defense.

However, Boaz et al efforts can always be anticipated by the defense line Maung Bandung.

In addition, Persib goalkeeper, M Natshir, also played brilliantly. He several times thwart opportunities Persipura.

Persipura got the first chance via a captain’s kick, Boaz Solossa, but still bounced over M Natshir’s goalkeeper.

The hosts get a corner kick twice in close proximity, but have not been put to good use.

Persib was not without opportunities. Striker Ezzechiel N’Doussel made a shot, but still bounced thin over the goalkeeper Persipura.

Black Pearl, nicknamed Persipura, again threatened. However, a kick from Addison Alves can still be thwarted M Natsir.

After that, Ezechiel got a yellow card for violating Andri Ibo.

Toward the first half ended, Roma got a chance through Addison. However, when living face to face with Natsir, he failed to menceploskan ball.

The first half was over with a score equally strong, 0-0.

In the second half, Black Pearl got the first chance through Pahabol. However, the shots from the lively players are still thin above the goal Natshir.

Boaz Solossa et al continue to lock Maung Bandung defense. In the 61st minute, Andri Ibo did overlap into the penalty box, but his kick was still sideways.


Shortly thereafter, several substitutions took place. Ibo out replaced M Tahir, while Persib enter Billy Keraf to draw Essien out.

Host incessantly attacking Persib defense. However, the efforts of Boaz et al can still be anticipated by the players Persib.

After that, an additional four minutes in the second half could not be used both teams to score goals. The game ended in a 0-0 draw.

On this result, Persipura ranks third with Raihan 39 points from 21 times competed.

As for Persib is in ninth position with a value of 29 out of 21 matches.

Meanwhile, in another match, Perseru Serui managed to conquer his guest Madura United with a score of 2-0 at Marora Stadium, Serui.

Perseru’s winning goal was scored by Boman Aime in the 14th minute and Silvio Escobar (59 ‘).

Perseru are in 16th place by collecting 19 points from 21 plays.

Madura United ranks fifth with 36 points from 21 matches.

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